Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kissed By Snowflakes Débutante Ball

You had to be there to feel the atmosphere created in this room.
I have had so many wonderful comments
about the transformation of the
Gunnedah Town Hall
for this event....

The theme was
"Kissed by Snowflakes"
So it was important that the guests
attending could feel that kiss
when they walked into the room...

We had hundreds of glittery snow flakes
hanging from the ceiling to create that
kissed effect....
And we also bought the theme
onto the dance floor
with a specialised gobo...
We bought the theme to the tables as well
with these specially made
snowflake centerpieces.
I designed these specifically for the Ball in mind
and any kind of theme can be
transformed into an elegant centerpieces
We added a tea light to the middle
to accent the glitter.
The back of the room was also decorated
with the "Officials" table
having the Satin skirting
with organza draping and fairy lights.
I had this awesome garland
that contains crystals, pearl and lovely glittery
branches that looked wonderful
on the front of the table....

All the tables had a blue satin table runner
as Blue was the theme colour...
The hurricane lamp
was decorated with glittery branches
and sat on a mirror
Looking down on the table you can see the
table runners
and the snowflake centerpieces on the side with the candles
I also added the blue satin chair ties
to the Official Table

The cake table was decorated to match
but because we had to move the table
the lights we used
were battery operated

Balloons are a great way to bring the theme out
for an event....

I used light blue, silver and white pearl finish balloons
and also snowflake diamond clear balloons
in the arch that the Debs were presented through...
Add to the arch the
specialised lighting
provided by Jamie Sanson
of Stage and Sound Technology
and the whole presentation was fabulous
And all the lights
the backdrop
and the contrast with the blue curtains
made an awesome for photos
I also added coloumns with the balloons
that matched
and topped with the new
bubble balloons with snowflake print.
I added a couple of LED trees that i use at
wedding and call them
Money Trees....

We also used Pine trees
which we gathered from the private properties
of one of the Debs
to help create that wintery forest effect.
They were sprayed using the spray on snow...
and then draped with LED fairy lights.
I had about 8 columns around the room and
outside all up.
These ones were at the back of the room
and with the LED column behind them
really make them stand out
I had another column at the entrance to the
room via the side door
with a welcome sign
letting the guest know about the seating arrangements.
I dont think the band would have ever performed
on a stage as awesome as this one!!

ALL decorations for this event were the concept
of Jodi Dolbel
in the capacity of Co-Conveynor
for the Catholic Débutante Ball.

There was no payment for these services provided by Jodi Dolbel
All items provided were done so with good will
to help with the success of running this event
and all profits go to benefit the children of
the Gunnedah Combined Catholic Schools.

There were many parents of Débutantes
that gave of their time and their
expertise in making this night a huge success
for our girls.